Ardh Sainik Canteen Stores

Initiative of

Ardh Sainik Welfare Trust (Regd.) New Delhi



Starting or planning a business is always challenges for force personnel due to lack of awareness, as they had disciplined long term challenging and regular service in the Forces. Further, during the service, force personnel always deals with all kind of in house business venture such as Quarter Master, various Canteens, MT Stores etc., therefore, fortunately having a rich experience in business. Hence, Ardh Sainik Welfare Trust (Regd.), providing ready to work opportunities in various filed, so that our Jawans or their family members may lead a true confident business life in this challenging world.

Ardh Sainik Welfare Trust (Regd.) New Delhi, India (ASWT) has taken initiative to assist the Government for rehabilitation of Soldiers community to facilitate retired personnel and their family members to provide suitable work and to train to acquire additional skills in their resettlement through the best available options in the society. However, it is for individuals to identify their aptitude before choosing second career. ASWT is committed towards generating opportunities and fulfilling the dreams for re-employment/ entrepreneurship for Soldiers Community.

Ardh Sainik Canteen Stores is a concept, in which we are offering to start a Canteen Store at his home town like a CPC Subsidiary Canteen. He will be the retail beneficiary cum partner of the Ardh Sainik Canteen Stores as available in the market. Through this Canteen Stores program force personnel will be able to serve the society in true way by offering original and genuine products. All the citizen having faith in our soldiers, therefore, they will prefer to buy from Canteen Stores for their day to day need, and buying by the Citizens of India will also increase happiness in Jawans family life. On the same way it become most important for the Canteen Store beneficiary to serve and support the clients for his entire satisfaction with due respect.

This manual is the effort of ASWT Committee who has put together a comprehensive SOP so that there is no ambiguity in the stores functions. This SOP covers interalia, the entire subject of stores procurement, storage and preservation, issues on accounting management, stock verification, safety and security of stores. This will be a useful publication in the hands of decision makers and executives in our Canteen Stores.

This SOP will be revised from time to time as per needs of the project. Suggestions for improvements in the procedures layout on the basis of use and experience may be submitted to the ASWT Committee for possible incorporation in the next revision. Any suggestions for changes, which may be desirable on priority, will be acted upon immediately and necessary amendments to this SOP will be issued under committee’s orders.


The rehabilitation is a big need and challenge for the country and rehabilitation of retired personnel is more challenging for the Government as well as for the Society. It becomes more difficult when rehabilitation has to be under certain policy guideline on the issue and demand is beyond the available policy/resources. Most of the personnel at the time of retirement have numerous unfinished domestic responsibilities, which constrain them to choose second occupation or another career to fulfill his social responsibilities

Ardh Sainik Welfare Trust (ASWT) has taken initiative to assist the Government for rehabilitation of Soldiers Community to facilitate retired personnel and their family members to provide suitable work and to train to acquire additional skills in their resettlement through the best available options in the society. However, it is for individuals to identify their aptitude before choosing second career. ASWT is committed towards generating opportunities and fulfilling the dreams for re-employment/entrepreneurship for the force personnel.


Ardh Sainik Canteen Stores is a chain of retail stores run by the retired Force Personnel or family members or family members of serving personnel of Forces under the guidance of Ardh Sainik Welfare Trust (Regd.) Delhi, and will be available in all cities/towns of the country to provide consumers good of high quality to the society. Under this program online order facility will be provided to the society.


This SOP covers all aspects of Administration, receipts, storage, issues, handling, status reports as well as safety and security requirements.


The main objectives of the Ardh Sainik Canteen Stores are as follows:

a. Facilitate retired personnel and their family members to provide suitable work and to train to acquire additional skills in their resettlement.

b. Provide consumer goods of high quality to society wherever they are, at a price cheaper than the prevailing market retail price.

c. Ensure that the level of consumer demand satisfaction is maintained at the maximum.

d. Generate reasonable profits to sustain the organization and beneficiary, permit growth and provide additional facilities to Widows of Forces.

e. ASWT (Regd.) besides being a welfare organization the major portion of the earning be utilized for the welfare of widows/disabled of Forces personnel or for resettlement of widows/disabled of Force personnel in the form of aid for opening any regular business venture.

4.1 The major responsibilities of ardh sainik canteen stores are listed below:

The main objectives of the Ardh Sainik Canteen Stores are as follows:

=> Identification of all items stored.

=> Receipt of incoming items.

=> Inspection of all receipts from suppliers.

=> Storage and Preservation.Page 5 of 11 Confidential – only for ASC

=> Items Handling.

=> Sale of items to customers.

=> Maintenance of Stock Records.

=> Stores Accounting.

=> Inventory control.

=> Demand only what customer desire, not what is prompted.

=> Care after-sales-service.

=> Nominate a responsible representative and organizing regular ASC meetings

=> Report on non-availability of vital & essential items to ASWT HO.

=> Canteen Managers to ensure that consumer durables are sold duly checked by the customer.

=> Guarantee card to be filled and handed over to customer wherever require.

=> Get defective items (within the warranty period) replaced free of cost as entitled to the customer.

=> Update the Price Catalogue regularly.

=> Submit indents as per need of Canteen Stores according to what customers need and not just the repeat of old demands.

=> Ensure that Payments are deposits through RTGS or cash daily.

=> Display new items for better appreciation and feedback from customer.

=> Report discrepancies like shortages, wrong issues etc. to HO within 7 days of collection of Stores.

=> Check doubtful packing cases at the time of collection.


All retired Force personnel and family members of serving personnel can apply for this opportunity of business. The following are eligible under Ardh Sainik Canteen Store Rehabilitation Program and priority will be as under:-

=> Family of Shaheed and Widow of Force personnel.

=> Retired personnel of Force Personnel.

=> Family members of Force Personnel.

=> Others

=> Age below 65 years.

=> Minimum qualification 10th pass.

=> Minimum 3 years of service in the any of the Armed Forces.


=> Only authorize person shall have to access to the Ardh Sainik Canteen Stores area and related web application.

=> Ardh Sainik Canteen Stores shall not be kept open unattended during working hours.

=> All items being received at the Ardh Sainik Canteen Store will be promptly received and updated the stock at ASC web application.

=> All items should be stacked properly.

=> All items approved after inspection shall be stored in the designated locations

=> All materials rejected shall be kept at a designated place and arrangements for their disposal made as per policy of Head office.

=> Expensive and attractive articles should be stored in appropriate way and always locked up.

=> Items will not be issued on loan to anyone or no credit facility.Page 6 of 11 Confidential – only for ASC

=> Uniforms which include half white T-Shirt for summer and White shirt for winter along with head cap and black trouser to the Staff of Ardh Sainik Canteen Store will be issued at the time of allotment on nonreturnable basis. Above dress will wear by every working staff of Canteen.

=> POS with accessories i.e. monitor, printer & scanner will be issued to all canteen beneficiary on nonreturnable basis after allotment. The cost will be adjusted against the stock deposit.

=> No product and/or service other than Ardh Sainik Canteen will be selling at the premises.

=> Eligible/interested person will deposit initial security money and stock advance to operate Ardh Sainik Canteen Store as per the details given below.

i Regular Canteen- upto 400 Sqr feet ₹ 6,00,000-00 ₹.50,000-00
ii Standard Canteen- 401 to 1000 Sqr feet ₹ 9,00,000-00 ₹.50,000-00
iii Mega Canteen-1000 Sqr feet above ₹ 12,00,000-00 ₹.1,00,000-00
iv Abhhyam Store 1200 Sqr Feet and above ₹ 20,00,000-00 ₹.1,00,000-00

Beneficiary usually trains new hires in groups because it is more cost effective than training one person at a time. Training typically covers market trend, handling web application and checkout procedures, customer service and stocking etc


All inventory of stock will be managed by Web application

All the sales, stock and disposal will be managed through this ASC Application.


Initially, will use the distribution network and logistics network of the companies/vendor concern to ensure dispatched in right quantities and at right time to reach stores with sufficient time in hand to promptly cater to customer demands and optimization of inventory position.

However, a system has been built to monitor the inventory position through our web application on a real-time basis at each store, under which a stock requisition or delivery order is generated when pre-determined stock or re-order levels are reached. The re-order levels for stores are determined based on factors such as display levels, lead time for replenishment and average daily sales. Head office will review these re-order levels on continuous basis to factor in variances in demand based on seasons, trends and promotional schemes.

After a period of one year i.e. after successful running of Ardh Sainik Canteen ASWT (Regd) will form their own Distribution Centers and stores would be connected through companywide virtual network connection through broad band which will help to efficiently manage their network of stores and Distribution Centers throughout the country


The uses of computers and internet have been expanding significantly over the years. Presently internet has been used widely as a means of communication, as a potential source of information, as a means of entertainment and many more. Within few years after existence of internet, business men realized the possibilities of using internet as a medium of business. This idea kick started the first online business ventures. Modern technology has been developed to the extent that even shopping made possible over the internet. The process of shopping done over the internet is called online shopping. Both products and services can be purchased by online shopping. Online shopping is used for business to business transactions or business to customer transactions with applications of electronic commerce (E-Commerce). ASWT (Regd) is launching its online shopping website named as which promises to be a boon for its customers. Ensure timely home delivery of online orders to our clients for their entire satisfactions. will concern about the safety and security of website and customers. Accordingly, we will put a number of technological protections in place to ensure that their transaction process is extremely safe and that their customers' information is secure. We will provide a large amount of information to their customers, suppliers through our website This information includes stores in different areas, cities with correct address and contact numbers products being offered by us, career opportunities, enquiry, suppliers zone etc.


Customer service can be as simple as saying “JAI HIND” to customers as soon as they step through your doors. Your employees are the front line of customer service. Set your policies in writing and make sure everyone understands how you expect your business to be represented.


Canteen Stores Staff shall enter the stock online in web application www.ArdhSainikCanteen.comimmediately after ensuring the following:-

=> Receiving: On receipt of consignment with invoice, entered the stock in the web application in concerned canteen and Head Office may be notified immediately about receipt of stock.

=> In case of consignment received without any invoice/documents or any discrepancy noticed in the documents received, Head Office will be notified immediately for obtaining necessary information for taking into account. Till such time stock will not be accepted.

=> Acknowledgement of receipt of consignments is subject to final check and approval. A notation, to this effect must be stamped on each copy of Delivery Challan/Lorry Receipt/Invoice.

=> All apparent damages/leakages/broken seal in the consignment received are immediately recorded in the DC/LR/Invoice and bring the same to the attention of Head office or concerned authority


The term storage refers to the physical act of storing the items in a Store on shelves, racks, boxes etc. The purpose of any store is to provide to users the right items, in the right quantity, at the right time and at the lowest possible cost. The following main objectives for storage shall be considered carefully while storing the items:-

=> Maximum utilization of space consistent with adequate care and protection of items.

=> The storage system has to be such as to enable accurate identification of the items stored. Ease of storing and picking, thus enabling speedy operations.

=> All items must be protected from temperature, moisture, pilferage, insects, rodents etc.

=> A very important principle in store keeping is FIFO or First-in-First-out. Most items have a shelf life and this is specially so in the case of food, etc. The oldest stock has to be issued first.

=> Environmental Conditions within the store should be conducive in terms of lighting, temperature, ventilation, access to the racks, trade wise stacking.


=> Rejections should be handled promptly and with good judgment. The responsibility for return of rejected materials lies with the Canteen Manager and Vendor under intimation to the Head Office. When item rejection occurs, immediate action must be taken to return, replace and/or dispose of the rejections.

=> Decision to return, replace and/or dispose of the rejected materials is the sole Responsibility of Head office on the intimation/projection of Canteen Manager.


Need for stores accounting: Stores accounting has two aspects, the value of the items stored and the physical quantity of the items stored. Stores accounting is necessary for a large number of reasons, of which the following are most important:-

=> The stocks represent assets of the organization and as such it is necessary to include their value in the accounts of the organization.

=> It provides a means of costing of an item used.

=> It provides a basis for inventory control by value.

=> As for the second aspect, it is necessary all the time to ensure that all the items that have been received have been accounted for. All receipts and all issues have to be entered in stock ledgers online and have to be accounted for.


=> Duty - Received stock as per invoice.

=> Duty - Sale and raise bill for all sales.

=> Duty - Keep all stock safe and secure.

=> Duty - Deposit demand amount well in time for timely delivery in allocated account.


=> Only Indian currency will be accepted in Ardh Sainik Canteen.

=> Payment in the shape of Cash, Online and swapping will be accepted.

=> No credit facility is available at Ardh Sainik Canteen Stores.

=> All types of credit cards will be accepted.


=> All products price is fixed by Head office and need to sale as per the price of shown in web application. No additional price or discount will be allowed.

=> For bulk order special discount may be consider with consent of Head Office. However, a token money may be taken for bulk orders.

=> A special discount will be offered to paramilitary personnel with the consent of Head Office.


=> As per policy, after sale no product is return able, however, product may be exchange without any additional cost. In some exception cases Canteen Manager may consider and take back product with entire satisfaction.

=> In exception cases returns or Exchanges are allowed within 48 hours only from the date and time of billing.

=> While exchange or return old sale may be cancelled and a new bill be generated. Signature may also be obtained from the client on old bill.


=> As per policy normal hours of operation will be from 0800 hours to 2100 hrs. However, if required Canteen Manager can open as per need of the area.

=> Monday and last working day of the month will be closed, however, Canteen Manager can take decision as per the area of operation under intimation to Head Office


Physical Stock Taking is the process of counting, weighing, measuring, etc. of all the items in the stock and recording the results of such an exercise. The objective of stock taking is as follows:-

=> It is a statutory necessity.

=> To verify the accuracy of the stock records.

=> To disclose the possibility of fraud, theft, loss etc.

=> To reveal any weakness in the overall storage system, so as to make improvements.

=> To enable better control of inventories.

=> Various methods of stock verification can be adopted.

=> Annual stock taking shall be carried out before closure of every financial year. As per statutory requirement each item must be physically checked at least once in a year and entry to the effect that the physical stock verification is carried out by way of counting, weighing, or measuring and found correct to be made in the relevant records.

=> Discrepancies if any found are recorded and immediately investigated.

=> The stock check should be planned in such a way that all the items are checked at least once in a year and the important items and costly or attractive items checked two, three or four times a year.


The term “Safety” encompasses the safety of the materials, facilities used, and the safety of the personnel working in a Storehouse.


One of the important responsibilities of the Stores personnel is to prevent accidents from taking place in a Canteen Store. Accidents can cause damage to materials, machines or facilities, and injury to staff. It is necessary, therefore, that all precautions are taken to avoid accidents. The worst case one can visualize is a fire where the entire premises can be completely destroyed. Some of the main causes of accidents in a Store are given below:

=> Empty cartons kept carelessly on walkways.

=> Falling while climbing to reach the upper shelves.

=> Injury caused by nails left on empty cases and battens of boxes.

=> Dropping goods on ones feet without protective boots.

=> Most of the accidents occur due to non-observance of precautions, carelessness and indiscipline. Accidents also arise from poor facilities like poor lighting, wobbly ladders or racks etc. Good supervision in the matter of observance of safety rules cannot be overstressed. Stores personnel should educate, encourage and advise staff to change their attitudes and give the highest priority for good house keeping.


One of the major hazards in a Store relates to fire. It is necessary to take every precaution against fire and ensure that all fire regulations are strictly observed by all the staff. It is needless to add that adequate measures are also to be provided to fight a fire in case one occurs. Fire is caused usually by an accident. While safety measures are necessary, prevention of accidents is also extremely important.


Security in all Stores should be properly planned and organized. Doors should be strong and provided with good locks and windows should be provided with iron grills.

=> Proper CCTV Camera should be installed in Ardh Sainik Canteen Store to monitor every activity.

=> A close watch of every Ardh Sainik Canteen Stores through the installed CCTV camera will be monitored by the Head office.

=> Housekeeping: Good housekeeping is one of the major responsibilities of every Canteen Manager. Neat and orderly premises are not only a morale booster but also an important element in accident prevention.

=> Loss of Stores: Any loss/theft of items shall immediately be reported to the Head Page 11 of 11 Confidential – only for ASC Office. When the person responsible for such loss is unable to explain a discrepancy, Loss statement will be prepared as per the format attached at ‘Appendix I’ and will be submitted to the Committee for their approval through Head Office. After the approval of the Loss Statement, action should be taken and stock records adjusted accordingly


There are many advantages in standardizing procedures and laying them down in detail. However, flexibility is desirable and changes should be adopted whenever an improved method can be thought of. It should be the Store Keepers function to critically appraise existing procedures and make continuous efforts to promote efficiency and economy.

=> Stores personnel should be thoroughly familiar with the statutory requirements, rules, by-laws and other official regulations affecting the storage, safety, etc of the Stores premises. Typical examples are the petroleum regulations, Explosives storage act, Labour laws, Factories act etc.

=> The procedure included in this SOP supersedes all previous procedures issued on the subject.

=> The procedures covered in this SOP are meant to be exhaustive. Those not specified here should be dealt with in terms of general policy guidelines and conventions already established.

=> Deviations / exceptions shall be brought to the attention of Head Office, ASWT for approval.